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Another year, Another Thousand Scams

30 Dec 2010. If you wanted to make a lot of money legally but didn't care about morality or hurting others, what scam would you pull? Would you sell ten-cent rubber bands or other cheap jewelry for $50, using as promoters a few superstitious athletes to endorse them as enhancing power, balance, and athletic ability? Would you start a religion, creating a mythology from whole cloth or claiming you are channeling some ancient spirit full of wisdom? Would you pretend to talk to the dead and charge people a fee to provide them with "messages" from their deceased mommas, poppas, and babies? Would you start a motivational program, selling motivational tapes & stuff to those who want to maximize their full potential? Would you try to scare people into buying your supplements, EMF protectors, detox products, or talismans? Would you do conjuring or mentalism while pretending to be psychic? Would you claim you have the cure for all diseases that Big Pharma and the government are forcing you to hide in plain view?

If any of the above appeals to you, then you've come to the right place. There are examples of these kinds of scams and dozens more within the pages of The Skeptic's Dictionary. And it's all free. Sort of. Just leave your soul at the door and come on in.



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