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PBS still pimping unhealthy programs

5 December 2010. The latest junk health program being pimped by PBS is Brenda Watson's "Join Me on the Road to Perfect Health." Her website calls her a "digestive care expert." The PBS program she hosted tonight was promoted by my local station (KVIE out of Sacramento, California) with the message that she would show how all health problems are related to digestive disorders. Her solution is detoxification, which is another of her specialties.

Watson is not a medical doctor. She describes herself on her Brenda Watsonwebsite as an N.D., C.N.C. who "is among the foremost authorities on natural digestive care and nutrition." She's a naturopath and a certified nutritional consultant. She also brags about being "holistic." In other words, her credentials are not the ones you should be looking for if you have a health problem related to nutrition. Oh, I forgot. All health problems are related to nutrition. Lucky for her, then.

Watson and her husband Stan founded ReNew Life Formulas, Inc., a company that manufactures and distributes "natural digestive care products and "functional foods," i.e., foods with supplements added that most people do not need. The Watsons also promote colonic irrigation, a practice favored by many who like to self-medicate the natural way.

The Road to Perfect Health is not Watson's first PBS special. She's also pimped her detox program and her fiber diet products in other specials.

If PBS is trying to alienate those of us who support scientific medicine, they are succeeding beyond expectations. I long for the day of prgrams like Scientific American Frontiers.

other unhealthy programs pimped by PBS

Dr. Daniel Amen, pusher of supplements and brain scans

Programs presented by Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, Gary Null, or Wayne Dyer.


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