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Skeptimedia is a commentary on mass media treatment of issues concerning science, the paranormal, and the supernatural.

Skeptimedia replaces  Mass Media Funk and Mass Media Bunk. Those blogs are now archived.


Shirley Sherrod: blogging the news (O)

Clayton College Closed? No Problem (CAM)

You Think Skeptics are Nasty? (O)

TAM8: Something for Everybody (O)

Manipulating the media to promote quackery (CAM)(FH)

Quackwatch Doc Sued for $10 million (O)

Praying, miracles, and other disasters (S)

Creating Your Own Pseudoscience - part 2 (CT)(JS)

Creating Your Own Pseudoscience - part 1 (CT)(JS)

The Wakefield Propaganda Machine (JS)

Warning: Fruits and Vegetables May be Killing Your Children (CT)(SC)

Maine's Tea Party Republic (O)

Dr. Sudhir Shah & Prahlad Jani (FH)

Robbie Thomas: the not-quite-dead-yet tour (FH)

Is hypnotherapy a con? (CAM)

A review of "Something Unknown is Doing We Don't Know What" (P)(JS)

The phonies on the fringe (O)

Protecting child rapists (O)

Woo Even Oprah Couldn't Sell (P)(JS)

Spontaneous National Destruction (FH)

The Real Winner of the Templeton Prize (SU)

The 2009 (not prestigious) Templeton Prize Winner is.... (SU)

Is Benedict XVI the Antichrist? (SU)

Lying for God (SU)

Hope is all you need - just ask Jenny McCarthy (JS)

Amaz!ng Meeting 8 (O)

Atheists in foxholes, gods on benches (SU)

Stupid politicians and cops (JS)(CT)

The deadliest animal on the planet (SC)

Warning: Your Magazine may Be Hazardous to Your Health (JS)

Should Governments Fund Faith-based Groups? (SU)(O)

Natural Law, Celibate Men who Wear Dresses, and Pastors who Preach Hate (S)(CT)(SU)

The New Atheism and Martin Gardner (SU)

Psychic cat or clever doctor? (P)

How to quit smoking (CAM)

Immune system quackery (CAM)(SC)

Cell phones, brain cancer, and other cheery thoughts (CT)(JS)


Autism rates are up or down (SC)

Honesty, the law, and the free market (JS)

Abusing children for fun and profit (P)

Keeping a cool head about global warming (CT)

Woo-woo is alive and well (SU) (S)

Vaccinations & Swine Flu Update (CT)

Dribbling Loony Attacks Dawkins (SU)

Antivaxxer Plague (JS)

Capitalism? (O)

Abusing children to raise TV ratings (P)(CT)

Incivility in America (SU)

Teachable Moment or Media Manipulation (CT)

Deadly Delusions (P)

An answer to your prayers? (SU)

Doing God's Work (a day in the life of the Lord)(SU)

The World According to Oprah (JS) (CAM)

A Hard Time to Be a Republican (CT)

A Hard Time to Be a Roman Catholic (SU)

Mr. Obama goes to Notre Dame (SU)

Cardinal Speaks ex asinum (SU)

A Blot on America's Record (O)

Why Oprah loves Jenny McCarthy (JS)

Familiarity Breeds Indifference (O)

The Liars at "60 Minutes" (JS)

Mass Media Massacres (O)

Is Gordon Smith Psychic? (P)

Mass Media Mediocrity (O)

Suicide (O)

Is Atheism a Religion? (SU)

The 2009 (not prestigious) Templeton Prize Winner is.... (SU)

Fraud and Bias in Medical Research (JS)

Child's Play: Pretending to be Psychic (FH)

Evolution Continues (SC)

Belief Armor (CT) (JS) (P)

Evaluating Evidence (CT)

PBS Infomercial for Daniel Amen's Clinics (JS)


2009 (S)

Framing the Medicine Wars (JS) (CAM)

Statistics and Medical Studies (SC)

Sharon Begley: Skeptics Think They're Intellectually Superior (CT)

Prescribing Placebos (CT) (SC)

Religious Fascism (SU)

The Skeptics' Circle (CT)

Honoring Carl Sagan (FH)

Ancient Wisdom (CAM) (CT)

The FBI on Trial (JS)

The Paralyzing Precautionary Principle (JS)

The Superiority of Organic Fog (JS)

Freedom of Religion in the 12th century (SU)

Crazy Therapies & Psychic Kids (JS)(P)

Disasters (JS)

Evaluating Acupuncture Studies:Laughable vs. Dangerous Delusions (CAM)

Free Speech and Free Trade: Regulating Psychics and Other Spiritual Services (P) (SU)

Bill Maher tries to one-up Ben Stein (O)

How safe are "alternative" therapies? (CAM)

The Ben Stein Conspiracy: Who is this idiot anyway? (SU) (JS)

Why isn't this child abuse? Creationists lie to children while touring a science museum (SU) (JS)

CNN.com posts racist column by Linda Saether (JS)

Government rules in favor of child whose parents claim vaccines caused her autism (JS)

Some stories are too cold to touch (O)

Using ghost stories to teach critical thinking (CT) (JS)

Oprah and Oz spreading superstition at the speed of night (JS) (CAM)

Why woo-woo wins (FH) (JS) (CT) (CAM)

Food allergy fanatic (JS)

Top ten false health scares of 2007 (JS)

California Study Finds No Link Between Vaccines and Autism (SC)


Mesmerized by hypnotherapy - how does  hypnosis differ from the placebo effect? (CAM) (CT)

Miraculous Deception - miracles, faith healing, self-deception (SU)

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