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hah hahA ghost is an alleged disembodied spirit of a dead person.* Ghosts are often depicted as inhabiting haunted houses, especially houses where murders have occurred. Why some murder victims would stick around for eternity to haunt a place while others seem to evaporate is one of the great mysteries of the spirit world.

Many people report physical changes in haunted places, especially a feeling of a presence accompanied by temperature drop and hearing unaccountable sounds. They are not imagining things. Most hauntings occur in old buildings, which tend to be drafty. Scientists who have investigated haunted places account for both the temperature changes and the sounds by finding physical sources of the drafts, such as empty spaces behind walls or currents set in motion by low frequency sound waves (infrasound) produced by such mundane objects as extraction fans. Some think that electromagnetic fields are inducing the haunting experience.*>>more

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In a nutshell: Some people say that creatures from other planets have landed on Earth. They say they've seen them and been on their spacecraft. Some say that aliens have made drawings on rocks, on the ground, on pottery, and on ancient buildings. Some say aliens taught ancient peoples on Earth how to build monuments. Some say aliens have carved patterns in wheat and corn fields. Some say that aliens have crash landed here. Even so, the science doesn't favor the likelihood that any creatures from other star systems have made their way to our planet.

Aliens are creatures from other planets. Do they exist? Most scientists think so. Since there are billions of galaxies and each has billions of stars, and we know that many stars have planets, it seems likely that some other planets out there have living creatures on them.

What are those alien creatures like? We have no idea. Some might be like creatures on our planet, but some might be unlike anything we've ever seen. Creatures evolving on planets like ours might be very much like the creatures on Earth, but creatures might evolve on planets that are not like ours at all.>>more

a blast from the past

Racial Intelligence

28 November 2010. I received the following e-mail from "Dane."

I would suggest that anyone who even brought up the subject of IQ and race would automatically be determined to be a racist, especially by [members of a] race that did’t fare as well on the tests [rc: I assume Dane is referring to IQ tests]. Kinda sad that a discussion on the intelligence of races cannot be presented without the black race screaming racism.

Although I am white, it don’t upset me in the least if someone says that Eastern Asian people are more intelligent than white people. Probably true. Some people will never admit to the facts. If there is no difference in the intelligence of races, I would appreciate it if you would answer a few questions for me. >>more


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