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15 Dec
new intentionality bias

14 Dec
update Large Group Self-Help programs

12 Dec
new charities hoax email

11 Dec
new dental amalgam

10 Dec
update natural cancer cures: graviola

04 Dec
update Mahendra Trivedi; natural cancer cures: 714X

02 Dec
update Rise of the Warrior Cop A few journalists are trying to keep track of how many people the police kill each year. There is still no government agency collecting data on police killings.

30 Nov
new functional medicine

29 Nov
revised William C. Rader, M.D.; feedback is working again!

20 Nov
new natural cancer cures

13 Nov
Update GMOs

11 Nov
new Skeptic's Dictionary Newsletter


 new = new entry;
 revised = I've rewritten part or all of the entry  or added new material (new material will be set off by [new]...[/new]);
 update = I've corrected an error or I've added a  link or a new reference, which is noted  by new or update in the entry

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