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Telekinesis (from Greek words meaning distant movement) is the movement of objects by the power of the mind alone without any physical intervention. Using only one's thoughts to move a pencil across a table would be an example of telekinesis. Mentalists fake telekinesis by blowing on the pencil to make it move.

Telekinesis is considered a type of psychokinesis, which is the manipulation of objects using only the power of the mind without any physical interevention. Bending a spoon by willing it to happen would be an example of psychokinesis. Using only one's mental effort to make the spoon levitate would be be an example of telekinesis. Causing a thunderbolt to appear by mental effort alone would be an example of psychokinesis. Making a cloud move in the sky by the power of the mind alone would be an example of telekinesis.

There have been many scientific experiments on psychokinesis, many of them involving attempts to affect the outcome of the roll of a die. There is no credible scientific evidence that anyone has either moved a pencil or caused a thunderbolt by mental effort alone, much less broken the bank at Monte Carlo by willing the dice to come up seven or any other number.

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