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A succubus is a demon who takes on the form of a human female to have sex with a human male, usually in his dreams while he sleeps. Succubi, being mythological creatures, don't get pregnant and give birth, but they do collect human sperm and give it to incubi who deposit it in human females for some diabolical reason.

The name succubus derives from the Latin succubare, to lie under. In medieval times, witches and sorcerers were thought to have acquired some of the devil's powers as a result of being the offspring of demonic unions.

According to Carl Sagan, accounts of demonic intercourse are common cultural phenomena:

Parallels to incubi include Arabian djinn [jinn], Greek satyrs, Hindu bhuts, Samoan hotua poro, Celtic dusii... (Sagan 1995, 124).

Today, there are still those who believe in demons, but we hear few stories of incubi and succubi. The closest thing we have to such stories are alien abduction accounts and star children. Today's alien abduction victims complain of being sexually abused by beings from another world, as did their medieval counterparts who alleged visitations from demons. Fortunately, there is no equivalent to the medieval Church to persecute, torture, or exterminate them as the modern equivalent of witches. Instead, those with tales of being sexually abused by aliens are likely to have an agent who will get them a book deal and a spot on Oprah.

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