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Sacred Santémony

Sacred Santémony, according to Andreas Moritz (1954-2012), is a term that was given to him "by the higher dimensional being Merlin." Moritz thinks that there is something he calls "the ancient language":

that is comprised of the basic sounds that underlie and bring forth all physical manifestation. The letters of the ancient language vibrate at a much higher level than our modern languages, and when combined to form whole words, they generate feelings of peace and harmony (Santémony) to calm the storms of unrest, violence and turmoil, both internal and external to us.

Moritz claimed:

During the first months of 2002 I began to channel higher dimensional beings, known as 'The Elders.' These wonderful beings spoke through me, using my vocal cords, in what appeared to be ancient tongue [sic], including Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese. On some occasions there would be as many as eight of these beautiful spirit beings speaking simultaneously through one harmonious voice.

If these claims strike the reader as delusional, consider that Moritz also claimed that he could chant sounds that "improve certain health conditions." These healing sounds, he said, resemble "chants by Native Americans [he didn't specify which ones], Tibetan monks, Vedic pundits (Sanskrit) and languages from other star systems (not known on planet Earth)." He claimed that his sounds "instantly remove emotional blocks and resistance or aversion to any given situation, certain people, foods, chemicals, thought forms, beliefs, etc." How did he know this? Through applied kinesiology, a thoroughly debunked pseudoscience.

Through Kinesiology muscle testing I was able to verify that, once emitted, these unusual, highly energized sounds could resolve the root cause of any problem or stressful issue within a matter of seconds. ... I intuited how to transmit these sounds telepathically to people who lived on the other side of the globe. Although these people did not consciously hear the sounds I uttered or, in some cases, even know what I was doing, they nevertheless received similar healing benefits. Of course, I do not offer these chants to anyone whose higher self does not consent to receiving such forms of higher dimensional healing.

So, if you haven't been healed unexpectedly, it may be because your higher self won't consent to healing from a higher dimension.

Moritz's imagination knew no bounds. He claimed that his sacred sounds "can help prevent calamities or misfortune from occurring in the future and also help undo or minimize the traumatic consequences of past actions (karma)."

He even claimed to know how these sounds heal:

Sounds projected from an awareness of ancient language are of a very high vibration and energetic quality. They are capable of correcting the distorted, low vibrations that usually result in disease, accidents or conflict. This hardly comes as a surprise, given the discoveries of modern science. Physics, in particular, declares that the whole universe is nothing but vibration.

Actually, while physics has a lot to say about vibration, it does not declare that the universe is nothing but vibration. Moritz repackaged the delusions of Dr. Albert Abrams (1863-1924), the "dean of twentieth century charlatans." Abrams claimed that he was able to detect distinct energies or vibrations (radiation) being emitted from healthy and diseased tissue in all living things. He invented devices that allegedly could measure this energy (vibration, radiation) and he created a system for evaluating vibrations as signs of health or disease. The fact is, if vibrational medicine worked, scientific medicine would be the first to use it.

Moritz said that we "are now moving into a new era where magic will be the natural method of accomplishing our desires and where everything is possible so long as we believe and desire it to be so. Cost: $350." Among the many things that Sacred Santémony is good for is cleansing the Akashic record and "undoing the psycho-emotional root causes of any chronic illness, including cancer, heart disease, MS, diabetes, arthritis, brain disorders, depression, etc." Yes, Sacred Santémony can even undo the root causes of etc., that most annoying of diseases.

If you'd rather have your cancer cured by pictures than by sounds, consider Moritz's other quack panacea ener-chi art.

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Andreas Moritz is a stupid, dangerous man Andreas Moritz is some schmuck offering horrific medical advice about cancer. I’ve never heard so many wrong things about science outside the realm of creationism.

Dangerous idiot with bogus medical advice I have just read the most awesomely insane but calmly stated collection of dangerous medical advice ever. Andreas Moritz claims cancer is not a disease — it's a healthy response to stress. Guess what causes cancer? Guilt, low self-esteem, and insufficient spirituality.

Andreas Moritz is a cancer quack The Prime Quack has been identified: Andreas Moritz. He has admitted to getting Wordpress to pull Michael Hawkins' blog, and is also threatening me, now.

Andreas Moritz and trying to shut down valid scientific criticism: A sine qua non of a quack What is it with cranks and trying to shut down criticism?

Talking Bollocks with Andreas Moritz To be honest I wouldn’t have heard of Andreas Moritz if he hadn’t been a bit silly. Andreas Moritz is someone who thinks cancer is a healing mechanism. Student Michael Hawkins criticised Moritz, so Moritz is naturally responding by providing evidence to support his argument threatening lawsuits and getting Wordpress.com to pull his weblog.

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