Document 1 - The Plagiarism of Catalina Rivas

From the book FATHER OF ALL MANKIND by Dr. Ricardo Castañón Gómez (The International Group for Peace, La Paz, Bolivia 1999) taken from Renovacion Evangelica 1996, p. 9). From the book Formacion de Predicadores by Salvador Gómez and José Prado Flores (Kerygma, 1992, p.11)
Jesus says to Catalina:  “Observe My daughter every morning, even when it is still dark, the farmer walks down the path that takes him to his land.  His path is well-worn from so much coming and going on the same place.  Even his animals come and go alone to the field.  His schedule is routine...The case of the fisherman is very different.  In the sea there are no roads or paths, new ways will always be taken.  Waves are never the same.  Every day the wind blows in a different way and a new way has to be invented.  Every morning the fisherman stands in front of the sea and wonders: “God, and now, where should I go? Where are the fish today?  Therefore the fisherman repeats daily with psalmist:  “Show me thy ways, O Lord. Teach me thy paths”  (Psalms 25, 4)