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Internet Bunk features WWW sites that provide false, misleading or deceptive information regarding scientific matters or alleged paranormal or supernatural events. Because there are millions of such sites, we try to present only the most egregious and offensive.

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Internet Bunk

  • The International Space Sciences Organization (; defunct)
  • The Truth (
  • Project Intend Change (; defunct)

Note: A few years ago, the three sites listed above were supported by Joe Firmage but they no longer exist. They were reviewed by me.  The only URL of the three still active is the address, but it is no longer called The Truth. It is now called the Web site of Joseph P. Firmage and notes that Joe Firmage is the CEO and founder of ManyOne Networks, and founder of the Digital Universe Foundation.


I no longer maintain the Internet Bunk site, so I do not plan to examine Firmage's new projects. A cursory look at his sites indicates that he is not promoting the same kinds of puerile metaphysics and alternative science that I criticized when I reviewed his older WWW sites. Hence, I have removed the critique of his now defunct sites.

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