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ADR® energy stimulators

Ader Marketing, which sells the ADR® energy stimulators, says it "specializes in providing different devices to aid and combat the various negative elements in our current environment." These "negative elements" come from "cellular phones, microwaves, computers and pagers" in the form of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). 

We are told that the ADR-Protect energy stimulator

by equalizing the level of energy in all acupuncture channels (meridians), offers protection against the influence [of negative elements?] by restoring the overall energetic balance and harmony of the human body.

And, it is "APPROVED BY PROFESSIONALS and has been scientifically researched" (caps in the original), though we are not told which professionals or how it was scientifically researched. We are informed, however, that the device does have a "Certificate of Testing from the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz [Poland]." We are not told how it was tested but we are told that it was invented by Stanislaw Adrian Wosinski.

Ader Marketing wants to be sure you understand how scientific this device is and how much you need it, so it has included the requisite pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo paragraph:

The adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation include: sleep disorders, headaches, confusion, blood diseases, deterioration of eyesight, brain cell damage and irritation or acceleration of cancer cell development. The biological changes develop slowly at the molecular and atomic levels, which is why investigating them encounters numerous technical problems. Electromagnetic fields can play a significant role in the creation of free radicals (the initiators of the aging process, cancer and other degenerative diseases). There may also be disturbance in hormone concentrations such as melatonin, neurotransmitters and cytokines and negative impact on molecules of many other biological compounds. Generally, these influences are negative, although it is possible in some cases to take advantage of the favorable effects of the electromagnetic fields.

What we are not told is that there is no scientific evidence that has established any of the above claims, much less that the ADR devices are effective countermeasures to all these negative elements. Instead, we are treated to a cheesy video slide show to convince us that energy, among other things, has been restored to some sort of "balance" by using the ADR-Protect energy stimulator.

What is this wonderful item made of?

a composite of carefully selected substances, developed during many years of research and laboratory experiments. This is combined with a magnetic substance placed in a precise, mathematically defined spatial arrangement.

Indeed. How could anyone suspect such a precisely defined instrument?

But as good as it is, the ADR-Protect energy stimulator is a toy compared to the ADR-4 and the ADR-5 Energy Stimulators. The ADR-4 allegedly "energizes" food and drink. Even though electromagnetic fields are producing "negative elements", the ADR-4 is a ceramic-magnetic disc in a box. Fight fire with fire, I guess. It not only energizes food and drink, it can heal the body as well. 

ADR-4 also exerts local therapeutic effects. For example, placing the disc directly over a part of your body affected by disease or, the corresponding acupuncture points, brings relief and promotes healing processes.

Only fools seek out medical doctors or shamans when a ceramic disc (and a little faith) is all you really need.

The ADR-5, we are told, "can be regarded as a neutralizer of the untoward influence of electromagnetic fields on living organisms." I'm sure it can. It may also "be placed beneath the reflexology points associated with the kidneys to assist detoxification of your body."

So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of the negative, harmonize your energy and energize your meals. Get several energy stimulators: one for each device emitting negative elements.

Pity we can't put an ADR-5 on the Ader Web site.

[thanks to Joe Littrell]

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