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MFD (multi-frequency discrimination or molecular frequency discrimination)

The term refers to devices known as Long Range Locators used to find buried treasures, water, archaeological sites, etc. We are told that Noah's Ark was discovered in Turkey using one of these things! Others deny this, claiming that the alleged Ark has been exposed for years, is easily visible from the air, and is known to the locals.

One reason the world does not know more about these wonderful devices is because many of their users are engaged in illegal activities. Of course, the treasure hunters don't think of it that way. According to them it is because of "State and Federal bureaucracy" which "has made permitting so restrictive and the penalties so severe that there is a fear of announcing the smallest of finds."

As far as I can tell, an MFD is some sort of electronic device which can detect metal, infrared frequencies, temperature, magnetic fields or some other known property of physical objects. The likelihood that an MFD can distinguish Noah's Ark from a trash heap or buried treasure from buried garbage is about the same as a metal detector telling the difference between a gold watch and a pop top from a beer can.

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