The Ultimate No Calorie, No Carb Microbrew

No bitter aftertaste!
And, because HHB is homeopathic, it leaves no trace of alcohol in your blood!

Please drink responsibly

Proof positive of the wonders that await those who do not restrict themselves to such fallible tools as sense perception and logical reasoning! A placebo high is still a high!  --Jocko Goodview, eminent pseudoscientist, winner of two Ignoble Prizes in Chemistry

Hahnemann's Homeopathic Beer

Made from the finest hops, barley, and malt in Valhalla.

Brewed using only the purest water from 2 billion year old glaciers and ice worms.

Succussed in the barrel on the backs of galloping Clydesdales.

300 c for your drinking pleasure.

Safe enough to give to livestock and pregnant women! This was the drink of choice on Atlantis. ---Rudolph Steiner, upon consulting the Akashic record

Enough nanocrystalloids in one bottle to cure cancer and pinworms. --Jan Quincy Benneth









Safer than laetrile and just as effective! --Wallace Sampson, M.D.

Works its magic at a distance. You don't even need to drink it to experience its benefits! --James "The Amazing" Randi

Tastes great and cures cancer to boot! --Stephen Barrett, M.D. of Quackwatch

Works best when drunk with others who believe in magic.
A product of Suggestion Enterprises, Ltd.