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extraordinary human function (EHF)

An extraordinary human function would be something like the ability to read messages with one's ears, forehead, fingers or some other part of the anatomy besides the eyes. There have even been accounts of reading by sitting on the message. The latter was popular in China in the late 1970's, when the study of EHF became a major research topic at Beijing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The scientists seemed particularly interested in finding a link between EHF and qi (ch'i), believed by many Chinese to be the fundamental life force. Their research, like similar research in the Soviet Union and U.S., covered everything from using paranormal powers to catch criminals to the training of astronauts to use such powers for spying or for guiding missiles. There are still reports from Russia alleging people can read while blindfolded and that techniques have been developed in dermo-optical perception (DOP) to teach blind people to read through their forehead or fingers using paranormal powers. Braille is a much better bet.

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