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Dragon's Triangle (aka Devil's Sea)

Dragon's TriangleThe Dragon's Triangle is an area off the coast of Japan that is said to be comparable to the Bermuda Triangle. That much about the story is true. Charles Berlitz, who made the Bermuda Triangle a mystery with his creative storytelling, did the same for the Dragon's Triangle in his 1989 book of that title. You can get a copy for a penny (plus shipping) from Amazon.

Berlitz claimed that between 1952 and 1954 Japan lost 5 military vessels and over 700 crew members in the Dragon's Triangle. The Japanese government sent a research vessel to study the area and the ship vanished in a volcanic eruption in 1958.*

Larry Kusche, who debunked Berlitz's claims about the Bermuda Triangle, notes that the vessels lost in the Dragon's Triangle were fishing boats, not military ships, and that some of those listed by Berlitz sunk outside of the area delineated by the Dragon's Triangle.

The area is rife with undersea volcanoes. Islands appear and disapper regularly due to the volcanic activity. Apparently, the area got its name from the volcanic activity and resultant formations and deformations resulting from the lava flow.

Some mystery mongers claim that the Bermuda and Dragon's triangles are directly across from one another and that if you went from the center of one through the earth you'd end up in the center of the other. Even if this were true, it would have no bearing on the dangers that exist in one or the other.

Recently, some have been promoting the idea that the area is an undersea alien base and that the dragons were actually USOs, unidentified submerged objects. It's hard to tell if this is a Poe, though the History Channel (not known for its concern for accuracy) seems to have taken it seriously enough to do a show on it.

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