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Curse-missing is the unconscious deflection of a curse so that the effect occurs a day later than intended. For example, your wife puts a curse on your golf game as you leave for the course on Tuesday, but you have a fine game. You convince yourself that your wife doesn't have the power to hex people with curses. However, on Wednesday you have a terrible game because of curse-missing.

It is thought by some theologians that curse-missing is a prank played on us by the gods. Sometimes they let curses work, sometimes they foil them altogether, and sometimes they delay them by a day, a week, or even longer, just to confuse us.

Some skeptics might think curse-missing is an ad hoc hypothesis analogous to psi-missing in parapsychology, but there is very strong anecdotal evidence from golfers around the world that supports curse-missing. Just when you think you've overcome the hex your wife has put on you, the curse still lurks in the background ready to pounce when next you tee off. Curse-missing has tormented golfers more than any other paranormal phenomenon. Just when a golfer thinks he or she has figured out the game and is playing consistently, wham! A curse from out of nowhere hits and players are dutifully humbled and begin mumbling to themselves about the golf gods giving and the golf gods taking away.

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