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reader comments: Gordon Michael Scallion

07 Jan 2005
I just wanted to clarify something on Scallion. I noted you updated his predictions by including the recent tsunami and quake [in the Indian Ocean]. I noted on his website today that an "Indian Ocean" earthquake was predicted back in 1994, but that was part of what I call the "earlier predictions". You see, before 1999, he was predicting that all the "Earth Change" disasters would have been fulfilled by 2001. Then for some unexplained reason, he went right on to replay all the predictions to be fulfilled by 2012! I guess changing dates keeps his popularity afloat, and people don't seem to mind it--his newsletters are still selling and he still gets Coast To Coast radio interviews. Just thought you might like to know this stuff. Sincerely,

Andrew Turrini

reply: Thanks very much. All of us were relieved when he revised the dates after the failed predictions, otherwise we might all have been dead and not have known it. In any case, there is another explanation for the revisions and they are explained by the letter writer below who says she got her messages directly from God.

6 Jan 2005

Dear Mr. Carroll,

I was doing some research on Gordon-Michael Scallion and ran across your article about him. I was wondering if you’d re-read his prophecy and tweak some dates around. Rather than 1995, add 10 years. Rather than 1996, add 10 years. Rather than 1997, add 10 years.

I’m a rather homey housewife with 7 children, and I’ve been growing spiritually little by little. Since 1997, I too have seen (only in my heart when I pray) things like Mr. Scallion. I doubted so bad what I got but wrote it all down and stuffed it all in the attic. Over the last 3 years I’ve been able to overcome the doubts and now understand that God is trying to help mankind get it’s head out of the sand and get ready for what’s coming. Education is a wonderful thing! Listening to God is a life saver! Please reconsider reading Mr. Scallion's predictions concerning the 4 earthquakes………..Sumatra was the second. South America is next and California is the fourth to come. You can help save many, many people’s lives through your web site. See how God gave you your gifts for his higher purpose and that using you can be part of his plan to reach millions! It will cause you to step out and make some tsunami’s of your own but oh what effect it will have!!!

Just a thought!
Poe Egan

reply: I agree there will be big earthquakes in South America and California at sometime in the future. In fact, there are going to be floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and many other natural disasters in the future. We've had this knowledge for many years. We'll be able to save lives if for example, we set up a tsunami warning system for the Atlantic, and put more money into research on earthquake prediction. Sorry, but neither God nor Scallion offer much hope.

Gordon Michael Scallion

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