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An avatar is a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity, such as the incarnation in human form of a divine being. Avatar is also the name of a New Age self-help course based upon changing a person's life by training the person to manage his or her beliefs. According to Jack Raso, "Avatar's fundamental doctrine is that people have a natural ability to create or 'discreate' any reality at will. This alleged ability stems from a hypothetical part of consciousness that proponents call 'SOURCE.'"

According to their promotional material,

Avatar awakens you to a natural ability you already have to create and discreate beliefs. With this skill, you can restructure your life according to the blueprint that you determine. One discovery many people on the Avatar course make is that what you are believing is less important than the fact that you are believing it. Avatar empowers you to realize that there aren't "good" beliefs and "bad" beliefs. There are only the beliefs that you wish to experience and the beliefs you prefer not to experience. Through the tools that the course presents you with, you create an experience of yourself as the source, or creator, of your beliefs. From that place, it's very natural and easy to create the beliefs that you prefer.

These notions seem so obviously a mixture of the true, the trivial and the false that one hesitates to comment on them. If there are no good or bad beliefs then how did the people at Avatar come upon the belief that their course has any value? And what difference does it make whether anyone believes in Avatar belief management techniques?

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