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aura therapy

Aura therapy is a type of New Age healing that detects and treats disease by reading and manipulating a person's aura. According to aura therapists, the aura is an energy field surrounding the body and exhibits signs of physical disease before the body itself exhibits either signs or disease. There is no scientific basis for belief in auras, much less for the validity of aura therapy. Yet, like many other alternative therapies, the popularity of such beliefs continues to grow.

The most popular form of aura therapy is therapeutic touch. It is taught in many nursing programs and practiced in many hospitals, despite its lack of scientific support. There are many other forms of aura therapy that are just as valid as therapeutic touch, however.

Aurasomatherapy or Aura-Soma is described as "an holistic soul therapy in which the vibrational powers of colour, crystals and natural aromas combine with light in order to harmonise body, mind and spirit of mankind." Aura-Soma is allegedly an ancient healing practice that was re-discovered by clairvoyant Englishwoman Vicky Wall in the mid-eighties. She claims her special gift is the ability to see people's auras.

Beverli Rhodes uses lazer-wand crystal energy in her aura therapy. She says that crystals help in finding "disturbances in the auric field" and that

by using your laser crystal wand energies and your own energies, which will fuse with that of the wand, you can bring about relief and in time a cure. As crystals have their very own special electromagnetic field [the aura] this can be used to balance our own aura's. As disease appears firstly in the auric field, it would seem logical that one would begin to heal and clear the problem at the source. (From the now defunct www.psychicgateway.co.za/psychicaura/therapy.html)

Yes, very logical, indeed, in a world of assumptions such as that the proper way to assist stressed clients is by concentrating the lazer-wand on the 3rd eye (6th Chakra) area for 1 minute. Rhodes also claims that it is "necessary to re-programme your crystal first so that it may ready itself to clear the disharmony that exists in the auric field of the client in order to heal the specific illness." Do not try this at home alone! Reprogramming your crystal can be very dangerous!

Dr. J.M. Shah uses Kirlian photography and gem therapy to treat heart disease. Like other aura therapists, Dr. Shah believes that when disease enters one of our several bodies there is reduction in energy. He takes Kirlian photographs of the fingers to discover disease. He assumes that changes in the Kirlian photos are due to changes in the aura rather than to changes in moisture or other natural phenomena. Once he has detected disease by photo misreading, he uses rubies to "open the heart" of those who have bad hearts. He advises, however, that the rubies have to be energized and their negativity removed before they can be effective in treatment. For supportive medical treatment, he puts photos of his patients in a "radiation cabinet" with rubies.

With such therapies available to help heal our many wounds, it is amazing that there is any sickness left in the world.

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