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MagTech Communications

MagTech Communications and their offer to join FreedomStarr Communications Incorporated (FCI) will be hard to pass up if you want to get rich quick without having to do very much.

Here is the promise

"As an FCI representative, you will have the chance to build a truly long term, year-after-year, monthly residual income, with absolutely NO COST, NO WORK, and NO RISK."

Now, that's my kind of business. But what can I expect for no cost or work?

..."you may build an EFFORTLESS, UNLIMITED RESIDUAL INCOME in the $100+ BILLION per year telecommunications industry."

Unlimited income for no work. I'm in, I think. But I must have to do something for my income. Maybe it's not work, but it must be something. What is it?


I know. I can tell that, already. But what do I have to do?

"Sign up NOW by using our online form without even calling the voicemail number
And get a FREE web page to help you offer the opportunity to others...."

OK. But what am I signing up for?

"After you place your registration phone call (or you register your web page below), you may IMMEDIATELY begin referring others to the same voicemail phone number (or web page), and get credit for those referrals, through 6 computer-tracked levels of your growing organization.

Optionally, you may receive a periodic emailed downline report showing every person who has signed up using your sponsor ID#, and every person signed on from levels 2 through 6. "

Hey, I've heard that "sponsors" and "downline" bit somewhere else. I think it's the other side of the "upline." But I'm still not quite sure what I'm signing up for. Can you be a little more specific?

Well, you get the idea. It takes a bit of doing, but eventually you will find that all you have to do for your money is sign up with FCI and recruit others to do the same. Recruiting people to join FCI is not considered work by FCI and they define the terms around here. You will get a cut of the profits from the sixth level of your recruits. If you want to know exactly how much you'll be getting for your effortless non-work, you can check out the Compensation Plan. But it goes like this:

"Let's say it takes you 30 days to get 4 people to call the recording, receive the form, fill it out and send it to FCI.

Then, if each of those 4 do the same, in the same amount of time, you'll have 16 people on level 2 after 2 months. If those 16 people do the same, and so on, in only 6 months, you will have 4096 people on your 6th level, and guess what? YOU will receive a monthly CHECK IN THE MAIL for 5% of the long distance usage of EACH of those 4096 people on your 6th level, for as long as they stay on the service and want to keep saving money on their long distance phone bill.


Far be it from me to doubt such words. Go to it people! What are you waiting for???!!!!

July 11, 1996

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