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EM-Power Disc

You do not have to believe in the Em-Power Disc for it to work for you! It operates outside any belief system, beyond our concepts and even our imagination.*

The EM-Power Disc is an aluminum disc suitable for wearing around the neck that can "help" with any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem, according to those who sell it. All you have to do is utter a few words when you wear the disc and "your body will respond and correct itself....as energy blockages are released." It is said to be "the only mechanism in existence that can allow you to communicate and interact with your body, mind and spirit."

It has been scientifically tested by asking people on the street to try it out. They all agreed that it worked. What more proof could a skeptical person want? Also, the disc is not a stand alone item. It is part of EM-Power Therapy, which aims at bringing about world peace and helping everybody with everything.

You can purchase a trial size disc for about £25.00. The full therapy kit runs about £150. This may seem like a lot of of money for something that probably costs less than a dollar to make, but remember that the profits will be spent on making this a better world. Plus, you get a manual on how to 'Unlock Your Inner Power' and apply "Neuro Re-sequencing techniques to remove negative thought processes and replace them with positive ones." True, you could get the same results by cutting out a disc from a discarded soda can, drilling a hole in it, tying it around your neck, and chanting positive sounds. But what fun would that be?

Don't forget to pick up a disc for your pet. You never know what kind of negative thoughts your cat might be having that are preventing her from living up to her full potential. Pet discs come with a comprehensive manual that you can read to your pet. And, if you really care for your pet, you'll get a disc for her phone to protect her from migraines.

See also energy, magical thinking, placebo effect, subjective validation, and confirmation bias.

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